Friday, December 26, 2008

Teaching the right way!

It's very important to teach the kids in the right direction first time, every time - even simple things like - if you buy a new toy, teach them right way to play with the toy & the kid will continue to play in the same way every time they play.

It's hard to re-train the kid to go in a new direction, after they learn & get used to certain way of doing few things. This is associated with the wiring of neurons in the brain of the kid, that would not go off easily as these connections are created for good, second part of this unlearning is that it's possible but will take lot of time & you need to have the patience, should not look like you are going back on what you said - but explain the reason for educating your kid to do the new way.

Do accept - if it was a mistake by you in first place & the new way of teaching is the correct one, tell the kid - "I did not know earlier, but papa (or mama) has learnt now"... also educate the kid that we are an ever evolving & need to strive for making things better & this is a step towards making it better.