Monday, February 23, 2009

Engaging with the kid is important...

In my opinion, good parents can be judged based on the amount of time they engage with the kid... depending on the age of the kid, you engage for different reasons.

0-1 Yr
  • Parent need to engage with kid to help them with exploration of the things around them
  • Creating a mobile for the kid's cradle
  • Helping the kid to start talking
  • Giving bath to the kid
  • Changing diapers
1-2 Yrs
  • Helping them to walk around, feel new things, explain different objects
  • Sit & play with the kid
  • Building blocks or initial set of puzzles - help them learn the art of the game
  • Dedicate at least an hr or two everyday to be with the kid
  • Taking them out for a walk or park area
2-3 Yrs
  • Age for building further bonding with the kid
  • Teaching good behavior through books
  • Helping your kid to engage with other kids
  • Teaching them to share their toys
  • If you start with school - try if you can drop or pickup the kid for few days in a week