Thursday, May 21, 2009

Support for BreastFeeding, one million campaign...

This has been one subject that I've been thinking to write for a while, finally here it goes...

Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India ( is doing an amazing job in India for promoting & encouraging the mothers to do an exclusive breastfeeding infants up to 6months & recommend to continue breastfeeding till the kid is 2yrs. My son's pediatrician - Dr. Asha Benakappa (an amazing doctor!) is the South India coordinator for BPNI, she will drive home the point on breastfeeding that will ensure new mothers would continue to breastfeed their kids till 2yrs of age.

Why exclusive breastfeed up to 6 months?
  • Kid gets the best food from mothers breastfeed
  • Provides the required vitamins, anti-biotics etc
  • No need for any supplementary food
  • Don't worry about weight chart, given by hospitals - they are not really made for India kids

Why feed upto 2yrs?
  • Make your kid healthy & stronger to fight any germs or infections
  • Breastfeed kids will stay healthier than bottle fed
  • Did you know, India has an act against promotion, marketing of Infant food substitutues -
  • Avoid any kind of food supplements, bottle feeding your kid
See this report card on India - "State of Infant & Young Child Feeding" -

One Million Campaign - - is currently going on to raise one voice for supporting women to breastfeed, please make your pledge to the campaign.


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