Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Path, less travelled

Career development & planning from a teenager perspective is so critical, that makes paths less traveled as hard ones to even look, explore & experiment.

As a parent, we would like our kids to take the path... that is well accepted in the society, we want her to settle down in the life & this ends up putting pressure to make decisions that have a good rate of success. This is quite natural because, there is a sense of urgency to see your son / daughter in good position in the society & the path most taken seem ideal to reach the destination soon..

Can parents, help grow their kids... without fear of future on their career, livelihood?
  • Is it hard to see, your kid take path that is not common - with no guaranteed income / assurance of success
  • Does your kid, need to be a doctor / engineer / lawyer etc, a known professional - can she be trained to be specialize in dance? Or Fine Art?

I suppose as a parent, you might allow your son or daughter to explore... what they love, if you have been in the career of non-interest self & longed to be a person of something else?


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