Saturday, December 10, 2011


"acquiring knowledge" -- is one of the definitions, in recent times... it seem to be changing to "packing knowledge" to the kids, rather than kid trying to acquire at their pace.

Reason for this change is probably "parents" to blame than education institutions... because the demand is more for schools that would be packing the knowledge, parents wants their kid to be "first" and outperform their neighbor kids etc.,

Why have parents become like this? -- because they have either struggled to reach the heights (read as success) in career and they think, it would be easier for their kid to reach same height... if they study well / be part of a prestigious knowledge packing school

Why is success so important? -- because that is the source of money, prestige, lifestyle... that keeps the urban / city dwellers on the nerve as they want to own the best home, latest car etc.,

that's my rough thoughts... above, please do leave a comment on what you feel. In below I would like to propose a new thinking philosophy for parents (for ones that are successful or others that are still struggling)

Let the kid enjoy his life, with equal amount of play (if you have time, sit with kid & play along!) & education, don't put lot of pressure... he / she will grow up to be as smart as her genes are, no amount of additional knowledge packing will help -- only be a facilitator & help the kid in providing the required resources.



Haripriya said...

Hi Bhaskara,

You have raised some valid points. As mentioned by you, it is probably a lack of awareness on the factors that make an individual successful in life. Education can be made a lot more meaningful by incorporating elements of play, thinking, multiple intelligences etc. Once people are more aware that rote learning and high scores are not the only factors that contribute to success, we can expect to see positive changes in the educational system.


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